New cluster to exploit mechatronics to develop healthcare products  

Private and public sector companies in southern Jutland plan to establish Health Cluster South to exploit the region's knowledge in mechatronics to create new healthcare products
A number of private and public sector companies in southern Jutland including Danfoss, one of Denmark's largest industrial groups, plan to establish Health Cluster South in the near future with the aim of exploiting the region's knowledge of mechatronics to create new products and services for the healthcare sector.
Jan Christensen, coordinator at Health Care Innovation, an organisation involved in the cluster plans, says that 60 Danish companies in southern Denmark and 95 companies in the northern region of Germany which borders Denmark, have been identified as potential participators in Health Cluster South.
Poul A. Jessen, the owner of PAJ Systemteknik, a medico company supplying security systems for healthcare equipment, sees great potential in a southern Danish healthcare cluster: "It is a business area which will continue to grow. The cluster will be a forum where companies can get together and gain strength from each other," says Jessen. The news was reported by Erhvervsbladet.

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