Northern Jutland invests millions in hydrogen and fuel cell projects  

A regional organisation which supports business growth has awarded millions to two closely associated hydrogen and fuel cell projects
Nordjysk Vækstforum, an organisation set up to create business development and growth in northern Jutland, has awarded DKK 7.5 m (USD 1.5 m) for a hydrogen project, Heat phase 2, which will be carried out by the Center for Energy and Material Technology (Cemtec) in the town of Hobro. The local municipality, private companies involved in the project and Cemtec will invest a similar amount, making the budget DKK 15 m (USD 3 m) in total.
"Heat phase 2 is about several things including the proliferation of hydrogen and biofuels in the transport sector, which is one of the main culprits in CO2 emissions," said Cemtec director Mikael Kau to regional newspaper Nordjyske. Another significant element in the project is the exploitation of biogas in fuel cells. The latter can exploit the energy content of the gas to a greater extent than the gas powered engines which are currently used. Heat phase 2 is scheduled to run from spring 2008 to 2012.
Nordjysk Vækstforum has also awarded funding to a hydrogen and fuel cell project at the H2FC Centre at Aalborg University. The total budget for this project amounts to DKK 25 m (USD 5 m).
"The university's project and ours are closely related," said Kau. "While the university project is about research and development in hydrogen and fuel cell technology, our efforts are to demonstrate and make the new technologies commercializable."
Hydrogen technology is an innovation and enterprise focus area in Jutland, with the development of a "Hydrogen Valley" cluster centred around the town of Hobro, which is centrally located between three of Denmark's leading centres for hydrogen and fuel cell research as well as bioenergy research – the universities in Aalborg and Århus, and the Centre for Danish Agricultural Sciences near Viborg.

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