Novozymes in partnership deal with Canada's Elastin Specialities Inc.  

World-leading protein manufacturer Novozymes will scale and manufacture novel biomaterials for a range of potential medical applications, based on human elastin developed by Elastin Specialities Inc.
World-leading protein manufacturer Novozymes and Canada's Elastin Specialities Inc. have signed a partnership agreement, the Toronto-based company writes in a press release. Elastin Specialities holds intellectual property concerning production and use of proteins based on human elastin* sequences.
The notable feature of these proteins is that they self-assemble and can be used to make a range of biomaterials for potential application in cardiovascular and orthopedic areas, as well as urological and cosmetic uses. Animal studies are currently being conducted to assess the value of the elastin materials for joints and spinal discs.
Novozymes role will be to scale and ultimately manufacture finished protein for sale to third-party entities while Elastin Specialties Inc., which evolved out of research at The University of Toronto and The Hospital for Sick Children, will pursue and expand uses at the R&D stages.
President of Elastin Specialties Inc., Dr. Steven Rothstein, commented: "The size, resources and capability of a partner such as Novozymes will allow us to move such products from early development to market with the assurance of an experienced manufacturing partner."
Headquartered in Bagsværd, a northern suburb of Copenhagen, Novozymes is the world’s largest and most diversified provider of industrial biotechnology, pioneering the replacement of chemicals with enzymes in a broad range of industries such as laundry detergents, animal feed and the biofuel industry. The company has topped the biotech category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the past seven consecutive years.
*elastin is a protein which resumes its original shape after stretching. It is found in e.g. blood vessels and connective tissue – Ed.
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