President Bush's call to increase ethanol usage popular with Danish firms  

President George W. Bush's call to increase the supply of renewables and alternative fuels is good news for Novozymes and Danisco, which are world leading companies in enzymes for bioethanol production
President George W. Bush's State of the Union Address a few days ago, in which he outlined how America could strengthen its energy security by increasing the supply of renewables and alternative fuels, is good news for Denmark's Novozymes and Danisco, which jointly account for 70% of the global market for enzymes for bioethanol production.
Poul Ruben Andersen, marketing director of biofuels at Novozymes says: "Enzymes for bioethanol production is one of Novozymes' largest focus areas. We are investing a lot more money and resources in the entire bioethanol area to expand our business operations."
In 2006, USA saw a 30% rise in ethanol production, a growth forecast to continue this year. "If this growth rate carries on, it won't take more than five years before the 2G refineries are ready for production of ethanol, based on straw and plant waste, to supplement biofuel made from 1G technology," says Andersen.
Novozymes collaborates with a number of key bioethanol manufacturers including USA's Broin, China's Cofco and Denmark's DONG, to develop pilot plants for 2G bioethanol production. The news was reported by national daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
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