Roof window manufacturer Velux plans to enter solar energy market  

Velux, the Danish company which pioneered the pivoting roof window, now aims to put solar energy in its product portfolio
Velux, the blue chip Danish company which 66 years ago introduced the revolutionary pivoting roof window and turned it into a mint of gold, now aims to extend its Midas touch to products which harness solar energy. The Hørsholm based company, which has been experimenting extensively and investing intensively, believes the time is right to venture into the market.
Velux CEO Jørgen Tang-Jensen comments: "There is now a considerable focus on energy issues across much of the world, and it is quite obvious that on a global level we cannot continue in the way we have been doing. Velux has been experimenting with thermal solar heating for some time, and now we are ready to move into this market."
Thermal solar heating utilizes the sun's energy to provide hot water, and combined with solar panels to produce electricity and energy-efficient windows, it is feasible to build houses which require no other source of power than the sun. Velux sees great opportunities in this market, and is well aware of the increasing focus on building regulations in both the private and commercial areas that make the use of renewables an obligation. Great Britain and Spain are already well advanced in this direction.
Velux also has its strategic telescope lined up on the US. Tang-Jensen comments: "Clearly, the Americans have realised that they have a strategic problem regarding energy use, and that there are opportunities to grasp with renewables. We have already seen this with wind turbines, and we are confident that we can join the second wave [with solar energy]".
The news was reported by daily financial newspaper Børsen.
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