Vestas and Rambøll to build the first offshore wind park in the US  

Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems and consulting engineers Rambøll are key players in the first offshore wind park in the US
The US is on its way to establishing its first offshore wind park, following approval from the authorities in the Atlantic coast state of Delaware. Two key players in the project, led by the development company Bluewater Wind, are Danish – the world No.1 wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems, and consulting engineers Rambøll.
The 600 MW offshore wind park won out against competition from two coal and gas fired projects. It is in fact the first time that an offshore wind park has successfully bid against coal and gas in the US. The agreement involves Delaware state buying most of the power that the installation produces.
Rambøll has provided consultancy to Bluewater Wind for several years, and will provide the project design for the new wind park while Vestas Offshore is the preferred supplier of the wind turbines. The construction of the wind park is expected to commence during 2010.
The news was reported by the professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer).
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