Århus Business College students win European innovation prize  

Four students from Århus Business College have won first prize for the "most innovative idea" at the Young Enterprise trade fair in Austria
Four young students from Århus Business College won first prize for the "most innovative idea" at the Young Enterprise trade fair in Austria last week, with a touch-screen invention for cash dispensers designed to prevent thieves from watching the pin codes that people tap in when withdrawing cash, writes national daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten.
The nucleus of the invention is a touch-screen that is used to enter pin codes, where unlike a conventional keypad, the numbers change positions after each pin code number is entered. This thwarts the attempts of would-be thieves to obtain the code by covertly observing the order in which keys are pressed. The touch screen has the further refinement of a blur feature that makes it difficult to see from an angled viewpoint.
The students' invention got plenty of high profile attention at the trade fair, where the competition's panel of judges comprised senior figures from Europe's business and innovation community. 47 competitors from 17 European countries took part.
The four Århus Business College students have established a company, called Techsisca, to capitalise on the potential of their invention.
The company's 19 year old MD Lotte Lykke told Jyllands-Posten: "We are proud of the award, which will motivate us to work harder for our enterprise. We have already started the process of getting a patent on the product."

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