2nd generation biodiesel to be tested in Aarhus municipality  

Aarhus municipality in Jutland will become a test area for using 2nd generation biodiesel for cars
From the start of next year, Aarhus municipality in Jutland will be a test area for using 2nd generation biodiesel for cars, writes national daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten. All petrol stations within the municipality will replace ordinary oil-based automotive diesel with a 5.75% biodiesel mix. The price will be the same as ordinary diesel sold in the rest of the country.
The biodiesel used for the test will be produced at Daka Biodiesel, a Danish company which is among Europe's few manufacturers of 2nd generation biodiesel. It is made from residual products from the agricultural sector which cannot be used for food or animal feed.
Peter Stigsgaard, director of the Energy and Oil Forum told Jyllands-Posten: "The oil industry has a clear interest in taking part in this test to gain experience with biofuel, before it becomes mandatory from 1 January 2010 to add biofuels to automotive fuels."
The oil industry is primarily interested in gaining experience from mixing, storing and transporting biodiesel and the mixing of diesel, Stigsgaard notes. "There are no experiments with the product itself, " he emphasises.
The test will start simultaneously at all petrol stations so that no oil company can market itself as being more 'green' than its competitors.
"It has been important to get all oil companies to join the test, and so it is also important not to create any breeding ground for customer fluctuations because of the transition to the more environmentally friendly automotive diesel," says Stigsgaard.

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