Aalborg University inaugurates new research centre in Copenhagen  

Aalborg University, a leader in research in mobile technology, is today inaugurating a new division of its Center for Teleinfrastructure in Copenhagen
Aalborg University, which is internationally renowned for its research in mobile technologies, is today inaugurating a new division of its Center for Teleinfrastructure (CTIF) in Copenhagen. The university has appointed Professor Knud Erik Skouby, previously of the Technical University of Denmark, to head the division.
"Denmark will gain a unique university research environment in mobile and wireless communication, which by means of its size and scope will also have a strong international impact," commented Professor Skouby in a press release.
While CTIF in Aalborg focuses on wireless and mobile communication technology, CTIF in Copenhagen will conduct research into applications and services as well as the socio-economic aspects of information, media and communication technology. CTIF Copenhagen will also initiate a new research into mobile media platforms, supported by the Danish High Technology Foundation.
CTIF at Aalborg University is headed by professor Ramjee Prasad and also has divisions in Rome and the Indian city of Kolkata. The centre employs 150 staff conducting research at a high international level to enhance the technological development of modern wireless communication technologies and teleinfrastructures. CTIF also collaborates with industry on research and development of new types of networks, devices and services.  
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