Bavarian Nordic's prostate cancer vaccine shows promise  

A Phase II study of the company's newly acquired vaccine Prostvac shows statistically significant improved overall survival in advanced prostate cancer
Danish biotech company Bavarian Nordic has announced in a press release that mature Phase II data for its newly acquired prostate cancer vaccine candidate Prostvac have shown positive results. The study in 125 patients showed an 8.5 month longer median overall survival than the control group. The company says that the only currently approved treatment extends median overall survival by an average of around 2 months.
Prostvac was obtained by Bavarian Nordic as part of the recently entered partnership with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the US. Bavarian Nordic expects to start Phase III studies together with NCI in H1 2010.

Anders Hedegaard, CEO of Bavarian Nordic, said in the press release that the company believes Prostvac offers real hope to advanced prostate cancer sufferers, and added that the vaccine has the advantage of being an off-the-shelf product that does not require complex individualised therapy.
Professor Philip Kantoff of Harvard Medical School, the principal investigator of the study, said: “There are few available treatments for advanced prostate cancer. To see this extent of improvement in overall survival is very encouraging."
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