BioPorto gains patent approval of its NGAL diagnostic marker  

Danish biotech company BioPorto has been informed by the European Patent Office that the principal claims of the NGAL cut-off patent application have been approved for issue in Europe
Danish biotech company BioPorto, which develops and markets antibodies and antibody-based products, has been informed by the European Patent Office that the principal claims of the NGAL 'cutoff' patent application have been approved for issue in Europe, the company writes in a press release.
BioPorto's NGAL [neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin – Ed] cut-off patent concerns the determination of NGAL as a diagnostic marker of renal disorders and differs from other NGAL patent applications by establishing the cutoff levels that are needed to distinguish between the larger NGAL rises that indicate kidney injury and the smaller rises that can be due to other conditions.
The approval opens up a major market since companies that want to license the test need to negotiate with BioPorto. Thea Olesen, managing director of the Danish firm told financial daily newspaper Børsen: "We think there is a very large market in the coming years regarding dissemination of the NGAL test. So when we have the intellectual property rights for measuring NGAL in association with acute renal injury, it is clear that the share we can gain in connection with licensing will have significant importance to BioPorto."
Olesen also says that the majority of large international diagnostics companies have an interest in the test. Two of these will have a particular interest since they have already advanced far in developing their own NGAL test. They now need to negotiate with BioPorto.
BioPorto was founded in 2000 and is located near Copenhagen. The company's strategy is to develop new methods based on its antibody portfolio that can be patented and achieve a wide use in the diagnosis of various diseases. BioPorto's B shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX in Copenhagen.
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