Danish solar energy firm's new factory will be CO2 neutral  

Dansk Solenergi (Danish Solar Energy) has acquired 180,000 m2 of land for its new factory, of which 80% will be covered with a solar cell array to provide the power to run the plant
The Danish solar cell manufacturer Dansk Solenergi has acquired a massive 180,000 square metres of ground on the island of Lolland in connection with building a new factory. But the manufacturing premises themselves will only occupy 20% of the plot – the rest will be covered with a giant solar cell array that over the next 5 years will make the factory CO2 neutral, reports national daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten.
Dansk Solenergi is investing a multi-million amount in the new plant, which will employ around 50 people and produce a range of solar cell products including a combi-module designed to generate electricity as well as heat and hot water for houses.
The company also has plans to collaborate on initiatives in the hydrogen and fuel cell technology area, with a view to developing better methods of storing energy generated by solar cells.
Dansk Solenergi was founded in 1993 and recorded revenues of DKK 48m (USD 8.3m) last year.
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