Danish technology keeps London's traffic moving  

Camera technology firm JAI has gained an order from Transport for London to supply software and systems as part of a major upgrade of London's traffic enforcement from analogue to digital
Danish camera technology company JAI, an active player in the traffic enforcement and management market, reports on its website that it has gained 'a large order' to supply its Ticket Express management software and traffic enforcement systems to Transport for London* (TfL).
TfL is upgrading its current analogue traffic enforcement system to a digital system, to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of collecting, processing and storing traffic offence evidence. Whereas TfL's current system uses continuously recording analogue video cameras, the new digital system will detect and record only contraventions, eliminating the need for reviewing hours of videotape and avoiding the necessity for large storage facilities.
With the new system, recorded digital data will be encrypted and beamed wirelessly to a network of operational centre servers, so that operators do not need to visit camera locations. JAI's Ticket Express system will provide the back-office tools to manage the enforcement process all the way from offence detection, evidence management and statistical analysis to notice processing and payment collection.
By streamlining enforcement of a wide range of traffic regulations in London's busy streets, TfL hopes to realize its objectives of improved bus journey times, increased bus reliability, reduced congestion, improved road safety, and ultimately keeping London's traffic moving.
Established in 1963, Copenhagen-based JAI provides camera technology for a range of applications including machine vision, medical equipment, surveillance systems, and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). The company has R&D facilities in the US and Japan, and regional sales offices in Germany and UK.
* Transport for London is a local government body responsible for running London's red buses, as well as the London Underground and Rail networks –Ed.
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