Deif gains contract from China's wind turbine maker Dongfang  

The Jutland-based electronics firm has gained a contract with one of China's largest state-owned wind turbine manufacturer
Financial daily newspaper Børsen writes that Deif A/S, a company based in mid-Jutland supplying electronic control systems for wind turbines, has gained a contract with one of China's largest state-owned wind turbine manufacturers, Dongfang. The breakthrough rewards several years of investment by the company, which develops, manufactures and markets all its products itself.
"We saw a few years ago that we had knowledge that could be used in the wind turbine industry," Deif's managing director Toke Foss told Børsen. "What we make is essentially the "brain" of the wind turbine that controls more or less all the functions, so it requires extensive knowledge of every part of the wind turbine."
Although wind turbine control systems currently don't contribute much to Deif's bottom line, Toke Foss is convinced that it will in the future. The company has recently inaugurated an extension of its facilities at Skive which doubles the operating area. Deif took on 75 new staff last year alone, bringing its total workforce up to 350 people. Attracting qualified electronics engineers to rural Skive has not presented any great problem, Foss adds.
Deif is currently ploughing back a substantial proportion of its revenues into development activities, in which 80 of its staff are engaged, reports Børsen. 13% of revenues was reinvested in development in 2007, against 10% in 2006.
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