Denmark leads the world in broadband penetration  

The EU Commission's latest telecom report reveals that Denmark is maintaining its global lead in broadband penetration, which now reaches 36.5% of the population
Figures from the EU Commission's latest telecom report show that Denmark continues to have the world's highest level of broadband internet penetration, writes ComON. As of January 2008, the penetration of broadband in Denmark (measured per 100 citizens) was 36.5%, compared with an EU average of approx. 20%.
Denmark thus maintains the world-leading position it established in 2006, when the corresponding figure of 29.3% put the country ahead of the Netherlands, Iceland and South Korea. According to the EU Commission, Denmark's success formula is a combination of vigorous competition between telecompanies and the lowest broadest prices in the EU.
The EU defines broadband as any internet connection with a speed higher than ISDN - in other words higher than 144 kbit/s.
The EU Commission opines in its report that Denmark has the potential to do even better in proliferating broadband use, noting the investments being made in for example fibre optic networks by electricity companies and housing associations.

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