Denmark to develop "intelligent infrastructure" for electric cars  

The EDISON electric car project is to receive funding from state-owned's ForskEL research programme, an independent state-owned public undertaking which owns Denmark's electricity transmission infrastructure, has given its approval for the EDISON electric car project to receive support from the research programme ForskEL in 2009. reports the announcement on its website.
The overall aim is to implement a world-leading demonstration project of electric cars using wind turbines as the source of clean, green electrical power. The project will play a valuable part in developing the necessary infrastructure required for the large-scale roll-out of electric cars in Denmark.
The development of an infrastructure for electric cars is necessary for their large scale use because - to put it in simplistic terms - if they all plugged into the grid for recharging in an uncontrolled and unmanaged way, it could easily lead to situations where the grid could be swamped with demand.
To avoid this, a new breed of infrastructure needs to be developed so that electric cars can communicate intelligently with the grid to dynamically determine the time periods when charging can take place - this will be influenced by the strength of the wind across the nation (which determines overall output from the wind turbines) as well as cumulative demand on the grid at any point in time. is now in contract negotiations with the consortium behind EDISON, which includes Siemens, DONG Energy, IBM, Rittal, Eurisco, the Technical University of Denmark and other players.'s ForskEL programme annually disburses DKK 130m (USD 22m) in support funding for research and development of environmentally friendly electricity production technologies.
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