Fledgling Danish entrepreneurial firm raises venture capital  

Fledgling Danish entrepreneurial firm SmartShare Systems has gained a DKK 10m investment from Vækstfonden to market its patented bandwidth management router
Fledgling Danish entrepreneurial firm SmartShare Systems has gained a DKK 10m (USD 1.9m) investment from Vækstfonden, a Danish state-supported venture fund, writes national daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende. The money will be used to market SmartShare Systems' patented technology to companies in Denmark, the rest of the Nordic region, Germany and the US.
SmartShare Systems was founded in 2006 with the aim of becoming a major international vendor of intelligent bandwidth management routers. When many users share an internet broadband connection there is a risk that one or more users 'occupy' the bandwidth if they download large files resulting in hardly any bandwidth left for other users, which can be critical if they use the internet for e.g. telephony.
Danish engineer Morten Brørup solved that problem a few years ago and patented a technology that distributes the available bandwidth according to an ingenious system, so that none of the users of a shared bandwidth can 'occupy' the whole connection.
Deputy director of Vækstfonden, Ulrik Jørring comments on the investment: "The technology is protected, the market is mature and the company has a clear strategy for how it will reach new markets." Jørring joins the board of directors together with MD of IT company Conscia, Mogens Bransholm.
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