GN resound launches 'world's smallest' hearing instrument  

Denmark's GN Resound has launched what it calls the world's smallest hearing instrument, which sets new standards for hearing
Denmark's GN Resound, a leading international supplier of digital hearing instruments, has launched what it calls the world's smallest hearing instrument, writes professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer). Dot by Resound is aimed at especially active and extrovert people who want small and almost invisible hearing instruments.
In a company press release senior vice president of GN Resound Henrik Wiboltt says: "Dot by Resound is a radical advance in terms of size and performance. It sets new standards for hearing."
Dot uses Warp, reportedly the most advanced technology for sound processing. It provides "a very high sound resolution, ensuring a crystal clear but still pleasant sound experience," the company says. Dot also uses a unique environmental optimizer which automatically adjusts the volume depending on the sound environment of the user.
GN Resound is concurrently launching Dot in three price segments. "We have chosen to launch Dot in all three segments at the same time so that all users can buy the solution that fits their specific requirements, without missing out on the most advanced technology," Wiboltt commented. Dot is being launched on all the company's main markets including the US, Germany, France and the UK.
GN Resound is headquartered in Copenhagen and employs a total of 3,300 people. The company has its main production in China, a component factory in Denmark and development centres in the US, China and Denmark. In 2006, GN Resound generated revenues of approx. DKK 3.3bn (USD 660m).
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