Game developer Nonoba raises Luxemburg seed capital  

Danish start-up company Nonoba has raised DKK 10m in seed capital from Luxemburg-based Mangrove Capital Partners
Danish start-up company Nonoba, which develops online games, has raised DKK 10m (USD 1.97m) in seed capital from Luxemburg-based Mangrove Capital Partners, writes financial daily newspaper Børsen. Nonoba is a gaming community on the internet as well as a community for amateur game developers. Nonoba's idea is to provide internet access to tools that can help create games, give developers better opportunities to spread the games on the internet and to earn money on them.
Skype developer and partner in Mangrove, Michael Jackson, comments on the investment: "This is a company with great potential if things go well. There are serious people behind it, and if they carry it through, it can become a serious player in the market for online games."
Nonoba was established by Oliver Kofoed Pedersen and Chris Benjaminsen, who have previously developed online games on the Danish portal Jubii.
Chris Benjaminsen says to Børsen: "We have a business model where 70% of possible earnings go to developing a game, the rest to us." Benjaminsen compares parts of Nonoba with YouTube. You can upload videos to YouTube and show them on your own website, without seeing that they come from YouTube. The idea is the same for Nonoba, where you can put online games from Nonoba onto your own website.
"Today we are on 10,000 websites, but competitors have more than 30,000 so there is a basis for more," says Benjaminsen.
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