Google develops browser with key component made in Denmark  

Google has launched a beta version of its new browser, whose Java Virtual Machine has been developed in Denmark
Google is making headlines again worldwide with its launch of a beta version of a new browser, Google Chrome, which the company says will make the internet faster, easier and safer. One of the key components of the browser is a Danish-developed JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8, writes
V8 has a specific Application Programming Interface which is used by Google Chrome, but the central part of the Java Machine is independent of the browser and can be used in other browsers. V8 is reportedly much faster and better suited to handle data-heavy tasks than existing technologies.
The new JavaScript Virtual Machine has been developed by Lars Bak, who heads Google's development team in the IT City Katrinebjerg in Århus, Jutland, together with his colleagues.
Using V8 in Google Chrome, Google aims to make the most stable of all browsers regarding execution of programmes that are based on a virtual machine, writes Katrinebjerg on its website.
Google Chrome, which is an open source browser, will compete with Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
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