Grass allergy tablet vaccine Grazax shows lasting protective effect  

Results from the fourth year of a long-term clinical study show that the positive clinical effect of the tablet vaccine Grazax persists after completion of treatment
Danish allergy vaccine company ALK has announced on its website that its tablet vaccine for grass pollen allergy, Grazax, has shown a disease modifying effect, with the positive clinical effect persisting after completion of treatment, something that traditional symptom-relieving allergy medications cannot do.
The results come from a long-term clinical study of patients who completed a 3-year treatment programme with Grazax which ended in autumn 2007. The persistent effect was seen in the 2008 pollen season, the first season in which the patients did not receive active treatment with Grazax. Blood samples from patients show a positive effect on the immune system, indicating a lasting tolerance to grass pollen.
ALK writes in its press release that the company is the first to document a persistent disease modifying vaccination effect of a tablet-based allergy vaccine.
Headquartered in Hørsholm north of Copenhagen, ALK has been active in allergy immunotherapy since 1923. The company's product pipeline contains tablet-based treatments, based on natural allergens, against grass and house dust mites. ALK employs more than 1,200 people and has subsidiaries, production facilities and distributors throughout the world. The company is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen.
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