Growth boom for Denmark's wind energy industry  

New figures show strong revenue growth for Denmark's wind energy industry, and the good times are set to continue
The latest figures from Denmark's Wind Energy Association, which represents some 200 companies, show that 2007 was an outstanding year for the industry, writes financial daily newspaper Børsen. Revenues were up almost DKK 10bn (USD 2.1bn ) to DKK 42.2bn (USD 8.8bn), and if the industry's foreign activities are taken into account, the revenue rise on last year is DKK 16bn (USD 3.3bn) to DKK 65bn (USD 13.5bn) in 2007.
Rune Moesgaard of the Wind Energy Association told Børsen: "These figures show an amazingly strong growth rate of over 25% in a year, and the good news is that it looks set to continue." Moesgaard adds that the big challenge will be finding suitable personnel, with 73% of the industry looking to take on more staff.
Although wind energy in Denmark is still a relatively young industry, it accounted for no less than 6.5% of Denmark's total exports in 2007 and the figure is almost certain to keep growing. Besides industry giants like Vestas, the world's leading wind turbine manufacturer, there are plenty of Danish sub-suppliers which are also benefiting from the boom.
The latest growth figures from Danish consultancy firm BTM Consult show global growth rate for the wind energy industry over the last five years is 22.3%. This closely mirrors the 5-year growth rate for the domestic industry in Denmark which stands at 22.4%.

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