IBM comes shopping for ideas in Denmark  

The venture capital division of IBM is visiting innovative software developers in Denmark to talk about potential collaboration
The venture division of US IT giant IBM has set its sights on Denmark, and has begun visiting companies here that show promise as potential collaboration partners, writes financial daily newspaper Børsen.
"This is the first time we have come to Denmark, but we are here to build long-term investments," IBM Venture Capital Group director Deborah Magid told Børsen. "Denmark is making lots of discoveries and has many unique ideas. So it's important that we are here."
The IBM division's plan is to visit Denmark on a quarterly basis to follow up on the various companies that it wants to maintain dialogue with, particularly in IT, telephony, mobile technology, healthcare and cleantech. Magid comments that IBM has a particular interest in Danish companies making software for industries such as energy and climate technology.
IBM Venture Capital Group has a strategy of "collaborative innovation" that focuses on a partnership model rather than acquisition, enabling IBM to gain access to new discoveries and ideas.

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