IT company Capernow close to breakthrough on global market  

Danish IT company Capernow is ready to venture into the world market with its BSS solution for telecompanies, in collaboration with IT giant HP
Danish IT company Capernow, which develops technologically advanced systems for fibre optic, mobile and IP communications, is ready to venture into the world market with its BSS [Business Support System] solution for telecompanies, in collaboration with IT giant HP, writes financial daily newspaper Børsen.
A number of Danish telecompanies have placed their operations with Capernow including TDC Mobil, Tele2, Sydenergi and Profiber. "In brief, you can say that we automate all the processes involved in telecompanies' handling of customers and products," Steen Engholm, partner and managing director of Capernow told Børsen.
The Capernow telemanagement solution handles most functions carried out 'behind' a telecompany's computer screen, such as self-service solutions on the internet, customer contacts with staff, contacts with mobile networks and contacts with internet content suppliers. Denmark's largest telecommunication provider TDC uses the solution to connect its wholesale customers, small tele-enterprises, with its main business.
In 2008 Capernow aims to grow by 40%, most of which the company plans to generate from abroad. "We have entered a global agreement with HP regarding sales of our solution so that it is included when they sell IT solutions for telecompanies", Engholm said.
Growth is expected to come especially from the increasing numbers of electricity suppliers and fibernet companies which use external suppliers to run their IT systems.
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