Investors back new Danish biotech firm's arthritis drug hope  

Århus-based biotech company Cytoguide has received DKK 14m from four Danish and Swedish investors to further develop a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
Cytoguide, a new biotech company based at Incuba Science park in Århus, Jutland, has received DKK 14m (USD 2.4m) from four Danish and Swedish investors to further develop a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, reports news agency Ritzau.
The four investors – Novo A/S, Østjysk Innovation, Karolinska Development and Lund University Bioscience – are convinced of the company's potential. At the same time, the EU has given DKK 18m (USD 3.1m) to Cytoguide director Professor Søren Moestrup's group at Århus University. The money is earmarked for research into developing the technology behind the product for more general treatment of the disease.
Cytoguide develops two-component drugs which target specific receptors on cells of the immune system, and by means of these receptors ensure efficient uptake of the drug where it is needed, the company writes on its website.
Cytoguide's new drug hope has the potential to maximise the effect of an already well-established treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, while at the same time dramatically reducing side effects. This could be a powerful potential benefit, since side effects often put limits on the usage of rheumatoid arthritis drugs.
"Side effects are the biggest limiting factor for the application of many drugs. If our concept holds, our new arthritis medicine will be able to tame the active ingredient's side effects and at the same time release its power for the benefit of patients," says Professor Moestrup.
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