Kaspersky Lab to establish local presence in Denmark  

The Russian antivirus firm is setting up shop in Denmark this year, and aims to grab a significant share of both the private and business market
Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab has designs on gaining a major slice of the Danish market, writes Computerworld. Kaspersky Lab is reportedly looking for personnel to establish a local presence in Denmark.
Kaspersky Lab's European director Axel Diekmann told Computerworld: "We will create a local organisation that will handle sales, marketing and support. Diekmann added that the firm will seek to use the locally based, Danish-speaking interface with customers to create a competitive advantage, a strategy that has proven successful for Kaspersky Lab in other European countries.
Kaspersky Lab has existed in Denmark for several years purely as a software importer, but from Q3 this year the firm will properly set up shop, with an expected staff of 10-15 people within two years, during which time Kaspersky lab has set its sights on gaining 30% of the private market and 15% of the business market in Denmark.
These figures may seem ambitious, but Diekmann believes that the targets are realistic, and points to the fact that the same strategy has been used in Germany, where Kaspersky Lab now reportedly has a 25% market share.

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