LEGO develops online game with high earnings potential  

Internationally renowned toy manufacturer LEGO is developing a new digital product LEGO Universe, which could become a highly profitable business area
Internationally renowned toy manufacturer LEGO, a privately owned company based in Billund, Jutland, is developing a new digital product LEGO Universe, which has the potential to become a highly profitable business area, writes financial daily newspaper Børsen.
The LEGO Universe project has attracted great attention at a major game conference, which has just been held in Austin, Texas, and the specific content will probably be revealed at the international fan competition LEGO World in the Netherlands next month.
Lisbeth Valter Pallesen, group managing director of LEGO, with responsibility for the Community, Education & Direct division, told Børsen: "LEGO Universe is clearly a new business to us. It will be an independent business area which in itself can earn well. There is no doubt that if we do this in the right way, it can become more profitable than our traditional products. But it also requires that we are really good at it."
With a carefully estimated potential of one million subscribers, including sales of the game itself, Børsen estimates LEGO Universe can generate revenues of DKK 500m (USD 98.7m) with a very high profit margin.
LEGO Universe is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), which unites the fun, quality and creativity of a LEGO product with a virtual environment’s imaginative play possibilities, writes LEGO on its website. 'Massively multiplayer' means that thousands of LEGO fans will be able to team up in the game space. LEGO Universe will also be a 'persistent' game world, constantly evolved by players’ actions.
LEGO Universe is scheduled to open for users in June 2009.
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