LM Glasfiber gains DKK 35m in funding for research in blade technology  

LM Glasfiber has been awarded DKK 35m for developing a groundbreaking new wind turbine blade technology that can half production time
Danish wind turbine blade manufacturer LM Glasfiber has been awarded approx. DKK 35m (USD 7.4m) from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation for developing a groundbreaking new blade technology, writes professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer). The 'Blade King' research project has a total budget of DKK 65m (USD 13.7m) over the next five years, and also comprises collaboration partners Aalborg University, Risoe DTU and Comfil.
Chairman of the National Advanced Technology Foundation, Jørgen Mads Clausen, who is also the CEO of Danish industrial group Danfoss, says:
"The National Advanced Technology Foundation's investment in a new production platform will help ensure that Denmark can continue to be part of setting the agenda in wind energy, where we today are the world's leading nation. In a time where an increasing proportion of the world's total electricity production is generated from wind energy, it is important for the Danish wind turbine industry to ensure continued technology development and innovation advances in the efforts to maintain this position."
The new blade technology involves a high level of automation to make the process of laying up the fiber material in the mould and the moulding of the blade more efficient. The aim is to half the production time of a wind turbine blade.
LM Glasfiber is the world’s leading supplier of blades for wind turbines. The company has manufactured more than 105,500 blades corresponding to a capacity of more than 27 GW or the annual electricity consumption of approx. 27 million European households. LM Glasfiber's blades help save more than 47 million ton of CO2 emissions each year – more than the annual emissions of a major city like London. LM Glasfiber is headquartered in Lunderskov, Jutland, and employs around 5,900 people.
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