LifeCycle Pharma launches first product in US  

The Danish pharmaceutical company launches its novel cholesterol-reducing fenofibrate product through US partner Sciele Pharma Inc.
LifeCycle Pharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company based near Copenhagen, has announced in a press release that its first product, a cholesterol-lowering fenofibrate for the treatment of hyperlipidemia and hypertriglyceridemia, has been launched in the US under the name Fenoglide. It will be marketed by its partner Sciele Pharma Inc.
"It will be wonderful if we can reach annual sales of USD 100m, and it should be possible to achieve it in 12 to 18 months," LifeCycle Pharma's finance director Hans Christian Teisen told national daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten.
Revenues will of course be shared with Sciele Pharma, which is carrying the marketing costs and supplying a 400-strong sales force, but Teisen would not be drawn on how earnings are to be divided between the two companies.
Fenoglide utilizes technology designed to provide enhanced absorption and greater bioavailability of the drug, thus allowing lower doses. Patrick Fourteau, CEO of Sciele Pharma, says in a press release on its website: "We are excited about the launch of Fenoglide, a product that incorporates LifeCycle Pharma's novel Meltdose technology. This is an important new product that will be marketed in the US by Sciele Pharma's Primary Care Cardiovascular and Diabetes sales forces."
According to the American Heart Association, over 140 million American adults have excessive total blood cholesterol values. Sales of fenofibrate have increased significantly in the last few years, in 2006 totalling USD 1.7bn worldwide, with the US accounting for USD 1.3bn.
Although an important breakthrough for LifeCycle Pharma, Fenoglide is expected to be a relatively small product in the company's future portfolio. Hans Christian Teisen comments to Jyllands-Posten that LifeCycle Pharma's primary focus will be on products for the prevention of tissue rejection after organ transplantation, and that the first product could be on the market by 2010.
LifeCycle Pharma is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen.
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