MDRNA Inc. buys rights to Danish biotech fledgling's technology  

The US biotech company has bought the rights to utilize UNA technology developed by Funen-based fledgling biotech firm Ribotask
Earlier this year, the Funen-based biotechnology company Ribotask paid DKK 60,000 (USD 10,000) to become a main sponsor of the RNAi World Congress in Boston, USA. That sponsorship gave Ribotask 25 minutes of the congress's undivided attention, and an opportunity to tell delegates from the podium about how the fledgling firm's UNA (Unlocked Nucleic Acid) technology can help improve medicines.
The sponsorship investment paid off. According to Danish regional newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende, the bourse-listed US biotech company MDRNA Inc. has bought the rights to utilize the UNA technology that Ribotask has developed. Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed by either side, but as Ribotask director Suzy Lena told Fyens Stiftstidende:
"It's no secret that the deal is an immediate big boost for us, and the value increases as our American partner brings the technology closer to actual medicines." Lena added that the deal also sends a clear signal that Ribotask is on the right track with its other promising projects.
The University of Southern Denmark is also a beneficiary of MDRNA Inc.'s rights purchase. Among the owners of Ribotask is Science Ventures Denmark, which in turn is owned by the university. Science Ventures Denmark invests in the commercialization of high tech projects and companies.
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