MT Højgaard wins major UK offshore wind farm contract  

Denmark's leading construction firm is to build 90 offshore foundations for the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm project in the UK
Denmark's leading construction company MT Højgaard has announced in a press release that it has been awarded an EPCI* contract by StatoilHydro for 90 offshore foundations for the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm project in the UK. Two of the 90 monopile foundations are for substations; the rest are for wind turbines.
Full execution of the contract is subject to offshore development consent from the UK government and a final investment decision in H2 2008. Completion and commissioning of the wind farm is planned for Q3 2011.
MT Højgaard is an international leader in offshore foundations for wind turbines. The company gained valuable experience at an early stage in the development of the offshore wind power industry, executing 80 foundations for the world's first offshore wind farm, Horns Rev, 14 km out in the North Sea from the Danish harbour town of Esbjerg on the west coast of Jutland.
Several offshore wind turbine foundation contracts in the UK, either completed or under construction, have been won by MT Højgaard including Kentish Flats, Burbo Bank, Lynn & Inner Dowsing, Robin Rigg, Rhyl Flats and Gunfleet Sands – comprising a total of 242 offshore foundations.
Sheringham Shoal wind farm will be located in shallow waters approx. 20 km out into the North sea off the Norfolk coast. A total of 88 wind turbine generators with a unit rating of 3.6 MW will provide a total installed effect of 315 MW and approx. 1.1 TWh of electricity in an average year – the energy equivalent of almost 95,000 tonnes of oil.
*Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation – Ed.
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