Neurodan shifts production from Germany to Denmark  

The neural implant firm is starting in-house production rather than outsourcing to a sub-supplier in Germany
Neurodan, a neural implants company based in Aalborg, Jutland, has taken the decision to start its own in-house production rather than continuing its current practice of outsourcing production to a sub-supplier in Germany. Neurodan's MD Jesper Nielsen commented to financial daily newspaper Børsen which reports the news: "We use a lot of money to optimise and develop the products, so it makes sense to take over the production being carried out in Germany".
Neurodan's source of financial support is Germany's Otto Bock concern, the world largest producer of prostheses. The German giant bought Neurodan last year from its previous owner, the Danish venture company Novi. Otto Bock wants to incorporate Neurodan's technology in its products, but further development is needed and that costs money. Last year Neurodan posted a loss of DKK 14m (USD 2.8m), largely due to a marked increase in the staff headcount.
"We are employing 10 new staff each year, and currently have a workforce of 30," says Nielsen. "And when we start our own production we will hire another 4 or 5 people." Nielsen emphasises however that Otto Bock supports the shift of production to Denmark.
Neurodan's key product is an implanted foot drop correction system ActiGait, which has recently gained EU approval. The implant provides local neuromuscular stimulation as a replacement for central nerve signalling, thus freeing patients from having to wear a leg brace.
Neurodan develops novel implantable devices which restore functionality to patients with central nerve damage through the application of Functional Electrical Stimulation and Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation. These technologies replace central nerve signalling. The company originates from the internationally recognized Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction at Aalborg University, and was established in 1994 by Thomas Sinkjær and Morten Haugland.
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