New Danish Design Centre to target Shanghai Shoppers  

A new Centre of Scandinavia will be opened in Shanghai this October in a bid to gain a slice of China's large and lucrative luxury goods market
China's appetite for luxury goods is growing at a phenomenal rate these days, and is now the second biggest luxury goods market in the world. Producers of Danish design have a lot to gain from getting a foothold in this lucrative market, so the Design Centre of Scandinavia will be opened in Shanghai this October, writes financial daily newspaper Børsen.
The initiative is being taken with the help of the Danish Consulate General in Shanghai. Mette Knudsen, who is the consul for trade in the areas of furniture, textiles and design, told Børsen: "There is a huge demand for luxury goods in China, because people here have few fixed outgoings and for years have longed to have a bit of what we have in the West. Half of the population is becoming wealthier, and constantly on the lookout for brands that can make them unique. Among these people "Made in Denmark" is seen as a mark of quality."
Every seven weeks, the new design centre will put the work of three new Scandinavian designers on display for Shanghai's 18 million inhabitants, and the centre itself will be exclusively furnished with Scandinavian products. Even the staff will wear Danish design clothes, and everything will be available for purchase on a planned Design Centre of Scandinavia webshop.
The director of the new centre, Allan Rasmussen, told Børsen that the emphasis will be put on up-and-coming designers as well as an environmentally sound profile for both products and packaging. This is very much in line with the Shanghai city authority's own emphasis on environment and sustainability over the next 5 years.

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