NsGene Alzheimer's disease drug reaches key development milestone  

NsGene's NGF-secreting device is successfully implanted into the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients
NsGene A/S, which is 25% owned by Danish biotech company NeuroSearch, has reached a significant milestone in its efforts to develop a new treatment for patients with Alzheimer's disease, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen.
NsGene's novel encapsulated cell biodelivery product, codenamed NsG0202, has been successfully implanted into the brains of three patients with Alzheimer’s disease as part of an ongoing Phase Ib clinical study initiated late last year in collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.
NsG0202 is an implantable device that secretes nerve growth factor (NGF), which has been shown to have neuroprotective and regenerative effects when delivered to diseased neurons in relevant areas of the brain.
"NsGene’s EC biodelivery technology represents a completely novel and highly promising approach to the treatment of neurological diseases," comments Flemming Pedersen, CEO of NeuroSearch, in a press release on the company's website. "With the successful implantation of NsG0202, NsGene is well ahead in proving that it is possible to deliver biological agents into the human brain in a safe way."
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