Paris Hilton flies in for photo shoot with Danish handbag firm  

The Danish firm PH Europe will launch a new collection of handbags at the end of this month, as a new step in developing the Paris Hilton brand
The flurry of paparazzi outside the Hotel Sankt Petri in central Copenhagen on Monday this week signalled that something sensational was happening. And indeed it was. The Paris Hilton effect was in full swing as the 27 year old celebutante stepped out of the limousine to embark on her first visit to Denmark.
Any prospect of celebrity interviews or PR arrangements were quickly ruled out however, as the trip was strictly for business purposes, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen. The business in question is a company called PH Europe, founded by the Danish brothers Jens Peter and Michael Friis, who are distributors of shoes and bags.
They contacted the Hilton family in 2006 with the aim of developing the Paris Hilton brand and now, two years later, Paris has come to Copenhagen for a photo shoot featuring PH Europe's new collection of handbags which will be launched in the Nordic region at the end of this month.
It's a fact of modern life that Paris Hilton generates attention wherever she goes and whatever she does. And as Jens Peter Friis told Børsen, this can do wonders for growing a business. "In two years we have built up contacts with distributors in thirty markets, something that would normally take 10 or 15 years to develop. That alone shows the value of her brand."
Friis is also unstinting in praise of Paris Hilton's business mentality. "She is absolutely professional. There are no airs and graces and she is totally aware of the value of her work and her brand,' he said.

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