The pace of Danish biotech leaves the rest of Europe trailing  

In 2007, far more Phase I clinical studies were started in Denmark than in any other European country
According to an annual review made by, the productivity of Denmark's biotech industry is far higher than any other European country, writes In the course of 2007, Danish biotech firms got no less than 14 Phase I clinical studies under way. The closest rivals were the UK, where 8 Phase I studies were started up, and France which commenced 6 Phase I studies.
So why is Danish biotech so much more productive? Jan Hylleberg, deputy director of the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, comments to that Denmark has created an excellent environment for the biotech industry to thrive, and that Danish biotech companies are better than most at thinking in commercial terms right from the early stages of development.
"Naturally a lot of effort has to be put into research, but it's important not to lose sight of the fact that a product needs to come out of the door one day. Our biotech sector has become much more attentive to this in recent years," says Hylleberg.
Claus Møller, director of Genmab, comments that Danish biotech companies are good at making full use of the strong synergies that exist in the area called Medicon Valley around Copenhagen. He also points out that they are particularly adept at raising capital for the relatively expensive business of conducting clinical studies.
"Of course, one has to be prepared to take risks to get started on the initial trials. But Danish pharma companies are extremely good at raising capital, both from the stock market and from partnership agreements," says Møller.

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