Øresund region starts branding campaign as an IT hot spot  

A three-year, EUR 3m branding campaign will aim to increase awareness of the Øresund region as a global IT hot spot, with a view to attracting major IT companies
The Øresund region, which straddles Copenhagen and the Skåne region of southern Sweden, has one of the highest concentrations of IT competences in Europe with around 120,000 people working in the sector. But greater awareness of this fact is needed to attract serious IT investment, reports rapidus.dk
Raising awareness requires money, and this has now been obtained from various sources to run the aptly named BrandIT project. The EU is chipping in EUR 1.5m from its regional support programme, with an equivalent sum coming from local collaboration partners including Copenhagen Capacity, Invest in Skåne, public-private IT organisation 5te, and the universities of Lund (Sweden) and Roskilde (Denmark).
Micael Gustafsson, managing director of the Øresund IT network, told rapidus.dk that achieving critical mass is an important factor in getting major IT players to establish a presence in the area: "The aim is for us to be 'top of mind' when people think about where the hottest IT centres are around the world. In practical terms we need to attract two or three major companies who want to establish either research or development activities."
The BrandIT project runs from October 2009 for three years.

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