Aalborg University launches Europe's first course in Sustainable Biotech  

In response to the growing need to develop feedstocks from other sources than oil, Aalborg University is launching an accredited 2 year course in Sustainable Biotechnology
As the Earth's oil supplies dwindle and the task of finding and extracting oil from hitherto untapped reserves becomes more time-consuming, technically complex and therefore expensive, bright minds around the world are becoming increasingly occupied with the question of how the feedstock chemicals traditionally sourced from oil can be made from renewable resources such as agricultural waste and other forms of biomass.
The need for provision of higher education in this area is obvious, and this has been quickly recognised by Aalborg University, which has brought together a research group of both Danish and overseas experts at its faculty in Ballerup on the outskirts of Copenhagen, and is also now launching an accredited 2 year course in Sustainable Biotechnology. The announcement is made on the university's website.
The course, which is the first of its kind in Europe, will be conducted 100% in English which it is hoped will help attract students from around the world. And to that end, the university is preparing information about the course to be distributed internationally.
Aalborg University departmental head Peter Westermann comments in the news release: "We have long been engaged in basic research, and we have partners who can help to realize the plans of projects with biorefineries and the establishment of demonstration plants. There is now considerable international interest in the area, and we are focusing on attracting students from around the world to our new study course."
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