Babcock Wilcox Vølund lands huge order in Norway  

The Danish waste-to-energy company lands an order from Norway that is equivalent to almost half its revenues for an entire year
Having recently won a gold medal at PowerGen Asia for its unique biomass gasification technology employed at the Yamagata power plant in Japan, the Danish waste-to-energy company Babcock Wilcox Vølund is back in the news again. Financial daily newspaper Børsen reports that the firm has landed an order from Norway that is equivalent to almost half its revenues for an entire year.
The new order comes from Eidsiva Bioenergi AS in Hamar, and is worth a tidy DKK 260m (USD 43.8m). It gives the Danish firm a useful launch pad for increased activities in Norway where it is already building a waste biomass-fuelled combined heat and power station (CHP) near Ålesund. A Norwegian law concerning waste management has just come into force, and Babcock Wilcox Vølund describes the potential as "enormous".
The company's managing director John Veje Olesen told Børsen: "I actually reckon that we will get another order in Norway already this year. We are working on two specific project proposals and are confident that we will land one of them."
In a previous news story on this website relating to the PowerGen Asia award, we reported Babcock Wilcox Vølund licence & partner manager Peter Laursen saying that the advantage of the company's biomass gasification technology is "the extremely high efficiency and the coefficient of utilisation" in energy production. And it is precisely this aspect, says Laursen, that makes the technology an attractive alternative to conventional biomass solutions used in smaller CHPs around the world.
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