Better Place enters EV infrastructure deals with Danish municipalities  

Electric vehicle scheme Better Place has started entering agreements with Danish municipalities to develop a nationwide network of battery shift stations
Electric vehicle and infrastructure scheme Better Place, which announced in March 2008 its intention to make Denmark the first European roll-out country, has started entering agreements with Danish municipalities on the development of a nationwide network of battery shift stations, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen.
The latest municipalities to enter a deal with Better Place are Fredericia on the Jutland peninsula and its close neighbour Middelfart on the island of Funen. The director of Better Place Denmark, ex-Microsoft vice president Jens Moberg, told Børsen:
"We are pleased and proud about the collaboration agreement, and that Better Place is now collaborating with municipalities on Jutland, Funen and Zealand [the island where Copenhagen lies]. It is a great pleasure to work closely with climate-aware and forward-looking municipalities which understand how big a benefit electric cars are for both the local environment and as part of the global solution to climate change."
Fredericia's mayor Uffe Steiner Jensen commented that his municipality was a busy hub for the transport sector and that special efforts were needed to minimise the burden on the climate. "We believe that electric cars are a part of the solution, and that the municipality should take the lead in creating the conditions for getting electric vehicles onto the roads."

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