BioGasol gains DKK 78m in funding for 2nd generation bioethanol plant  

The Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program is allocating DKK 78.2m to BioGasol's 2nd generation bioethanol plant and DKK 6.8 to Aalborg University
The Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), part of the Danish Energy Agency, is allocating DKK 85m (USD 14.6m) to two 2nd generation bioethanol* projects, EUDP writes in a press release. BioGasol, a Danish biotechnology and engineering company, will receive DKK 78.2m (USD 13.4m) in funding for its BornBioFuel demonstration project on the island of Bornholm, while a related research and development project at Aalborg University gains DKK 6.8m (USD 1.2m).
EUDP writes in its press release that BioGasol's technology is very promising in relation to the global market for 2nd generation bioethanol technology. "The plant that is being constructed on Bornholm will be able to produce energy products of high value based on a wide range of more low-value raw materials from agriculture."
Birgitte Ahring, managing director of BioGasol says: "We are very happy with EUDP's decision. In addition to gaining support of more than 78 million kroner, it is good that EUDP praises BioGasol and the company's technology. It is a pleasing point to reach after several months of waiting and debate."
BioGasol's aim is to produce bioethanol in a sustainable way that competes fully on price with oil-derived fuels. Its fermentation process uses proprietary microorganisms that can convert both 6-carbon (hexose) and 5-carbon (pentose) sugars from cellulosic biomass material to optimize ethanol yield.
The research at Aalborg University focuses on further development and optimisation of  the processes that form part of the BornBioFuel project.

*2nd generation bioethanol is made from waste biomass instead of food crops - Ed.
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