Boeing and DONG Energy team up on climate technology  

The two companies are partnering on new communication technologies to manage the intelligent energy systems of the future
Denmark's leading integrated energy company DONG Energy and the US aerospace giant Boeing have entered an innovation partnership on new communication technologies to manage the intelligent energy systems of the future, writes financial daily newspaper Børsen.
DONG Energy's R&D director Knud Pedersen told Børsen: "It is a major global challenge to develop modern communication technologies to manage large amounts of renewable energy in an integrated energy system. We are very happy that a company of Boeing's size and power has chosen to partner with us."
The challenge posed by integrating renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, is that the electricity production from these sources is naturally subject to large variations which can destabilise the grid. One possible solution is to couple these fluctuating energy sources with the charging of electric cars, that can serve as energy storage and re-release modules. To do this requires the development of completely new communication technologies.
Boeing is a world leader in security and communication technology in the defence industry, and the company now sees potential in transferring the technology to the energy sector. Hence the deal with DONG Energy.
Jan Närlinge, who heads Boeing Northern Europe, told Børsen: "Denmark has the world's largest proportion of renewable energy (in its energy mix) and is working on electric cars with Better Place. So we see major potential in the collaboration. It is a technology that can be applied worldwide, so the business potential is enormous."
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