ChoosEV and Insurance firm If enter collaboration  

Danish electric vehicle company ChoosEV has entered into close collaboration with the Nordic region's second largest insurer If
As regular readers of our news will know, Denmark is among the leaders in Europe, if not the world, in preparing for a transport future in which the electric vehicle (EV) plays a key role. Auto manufacturers from around the globe are queuing up to launch EVs here, an infrastructure of battery shift and charging stations is being built, and the Danish government is taking a strong stance in supporting the momentum of going electric by tax-exempting electric vehicles until at least 2012, and quite possibly some years beyond that (2015 has been speculatively mentioned in the Danish media).
Meanwhile, as electric vehicles actually begin to appear on Denmark's roads, a corollary question arises – namely car insurance. A brand new insurance market segment is set to evolve with insurance products tailored specifically to the EV owner and driver, and early signs of competitive action in this area are already apparent.
A propos, the Danish electric vehicle company ChoosEV, which is a partnership of two Danish energy companies and the German car rental giant Sixt, has just entered into close collaboration with the Nordic region's second largest insurer If, reports the Danish Energy Association in its daily newsletter.
ChoosEV's overall aim is to make the insurance premium for an electric car no more expensive than for a conventional internal combustion engine car, thus helping to attract Danish consumers towards making their next car an EV. No doubt this is just the beginning of many more things to come in the newly evolving Danish EV insurance market. Stay tuned.

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