DKK 3bn waste incineration plant in Copenhagen on the drawing board  

A waste and energy company plans to build a major new waste incineration plant, which can supply electricity and heat to 140,000 households in Copenhagen
A new ultra-modern incineration plant estimated to cost about DKK 3bn (USD 590m) is on the drawing board at Amagerforbrænding, a waste and energy company in Copenhagen owned by four municipalities in the capital area. In 2015, the new plant will be placed next to the current 38 year old plant, which will be demolished and the space used for a waste pre-sorting system. The news is reported by professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer).
The plant will be able to handle incineration of 70 tons of waste per hour in two ovens, corresponding to 560,000 tons of waste annually. According to project manager Lars Juel Rasmussen, the aim is for the incineration facility to generate a 20% higher energy output per ton waste than the old system.
"We plan to have a highly energy efficient plant with an electricity efficiency of 25-30%, which is high for a waste plant. At the same time, we plan to establish flue gas condensation to optimise the heating production," says Rasmussen, adding that the larger energy exploitation of waste also will contribute to the municipalities' objective of reducing their CO2 emissions.
The new plant can supply environmentally friendly electricity and heat to 140,000 households, compared to about 100,000 today with the existing system.
Amagerforbrænding has established the overall framework and concept for the project, and has just signed a contract with engineering, design and consultancy company Ramboll. The new plant needs to be approved by environmental authorities, Copenhagen Municipality and the Danish Energy Authority.

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