Danish IT firm's system enables worldwide OEE monitoring  

Danish software firm Reeft has developed a computer controlled system enabling central monitoring of production equipment in factories anywhere in the world
Financial daily newspaper Børsen reports that the budding Danish software firm Reeft, which is based in Horsens in Jutland, has developed a computer controlled system that enables central monitoring of the performance of production equipment in factories anywhere in the world.
The system, called Reeft Link, analyses a parameter called Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and visualises the efficiency of production at the machine, department or company level. OEE is used to identify bottlenecks, rate-limiting production steps, or excess capacity on equipment that could be profitably exploited.
Reeft director Jan Jørgensen told Børsen: "Our product allows the customer to sit in Denmark and monitor production at factories all over the world via the internet. The customer can see if machines produce the output that manufacturers promise. And management get a reliable picture of whether all the production equipment is functioning optimally."
Børsen writes that the Danish fitted kitchens specialist HTH and Electrolux Laundry Systems in Sweden have both invested in the system.
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