Danish biotech firm Ribotask strengthens its business profile in the US  

Having gained US biotech company MDRNA as a customer last October, Danish firm Ribotask announces a collaboration agreement with the US company Girindus
Ribotask, a Danish company specialising in oligonucleotides for use in research and development, has announced on its website that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the US company Girindus, a service provider to the pharmaceutical industry and a leading manufacturer of therapeutic oligonucleotides. The news was made public during the Girindus Leadership in Oligonucleotides Symposium in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

The agreement gives Ribotask access to the worldwide sales and marketing team of Girindus, while Girindus gains the ability to offer its customers seamless manufacture of oligonucleotides from milligram quantities right up to commercial kilogram quantities.

“Professor Wengel, chairman of the board of Ribotask, has long been recognized as one of the leaders in the oligonucleotide field” said Dr. Mark Laskovics, president and COO of Girindus America Inc., adding that Ribotask has been built into a "world-class organization to provide a range of oligonucleotides, particularly oligonucleotides possessing complex sequences".

In October 2008, the US biotech company MDRNA Inc. bought the rights to utilize UNA (Unlocked Nucleic Acid) technology that Ribotask has developed, following Ribotask's attendance at the RNAi World Congress in Boston, USA.
Ribotask is owned by, among others, Science Ventures Denmark which in turn is owned by the University of Southern Denmark. Science Ventures Denmark invests in the commercialization of high tech projects and companies.
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