Danish call centre technology gains ground  

Danish company I P Group A/S is winning orders in the face of stiff competition from major international competitors
The Danish company I P Group A/S may be one of the smaller players on the call centre market based on IP telephony, but it is winning orders in the face of stiff competition from major international competitors, writes IDag. The reason is simple enough – the company has developed an IP-based telephony offering for call centres that outperforms the competition on price, flexibility and functionality.
The most important factor in I P Group's technology is the system's easy integration with customers' existing solutions, including for example CRM systems, finance systems and e-mail systems. Calls can be handled promptly and efficiently because I P Group's call centre application can fetch up and present on-screen information about the caller at the very moment the phone rings.
Ole Rasmussen, market chief at I P Group, commented to IDag: "We frequently observe that the larger suppliers of IP solutions are not able to deliver customised solutions, which is exactly what the market is demanding. Our products are open source-based, and because we have our own software developers it allows us to adjust the solution to the customer's wishes."

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