Danish firm invents flowmeter that can optimise biogas plant operation  

Danish firm Geopal System has perfected a mass flow meter for biogas that cuts the 35% margin of error of today's systems right down to 3%, allowing optimising of biogas production and minimising waste
Up to now, flow meters used to measure the composition of gas produced by biogas plants have had a reputation for inaccuracy, with deviations of ±35% being nothing unusual. Not surprisingly therefore, optimising operating conditions in biogas plants has hitherto been something of a hit-and-miss affair.
But now the Danish company Geopal System, which previously specialised in gas detection and alarm systems, has perfected an in-line mass flow meter for biogas plants that cuts the margin of error right down to 3%, reports professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer). This allows plant operating conditions to be fine-tuned to optimise biogas production and minimise waste.
It has taken Geopal System four years of effort at a cost of around DKK 6m (USD 1m) to develop the biogas flow meter, for which patent protection has now been taken out in Europe, China and the US. The first two mass flow meters have been installed in working plants in Aalborg and Holbæk in Denmark.
The worldwide sales potential of the system is thought to be considerable, and as Ingeniøren reports, Geopal has had offers from contacts in the US to take all the mass flow meters it can make. But therein lies a problem. Geopal simply doesn't have the necessary capital to invest in large scale production. So the company hopes it can soon find a strong strategic collaboration partner that can supply the resources to realise the potential of the Geopal mass flow meter.
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