Danish firm launches the electronic alternative to paper till receipts  

Odense-based firm eKvittering has launched a system which enables users to receive an electronic receipt delivered to a secure website when they make purchases in shops using the system
We all know the phenomenon of the expanding wallet and purse caused not by thickening wads of banknotes (alas!) but by till receipts that accumulate until they threaten to burst the seams, and thus force a periodic clean-out.
But now a fledgling Danish firm based in Odense called eKvittering* is rolling out a secure, electronically transmitted receipt system that could make these endless bits of paper a thing of the past, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen.
Following an agreement with the 16 Danish outlets of the Swiss-owned DIY chain Bauhaus, eKvittering has now publicly launched its system which enables customers who have signed up to the system to receive an electronic receipt when they make a purchase with a payment or credit card, the receipt being delivered to a secure website for later inspection.
At the end of this year the Bauhaus outlets in Sweden and Norway will be included, and if the system proves successful, all 220 Bauhaus outlets in 15 countries could start using eKvittering's paperless receipt system. Besides Bauhaus, the Danish nationwide sports retail chain Sportigan has taken up the eKvittering system along with a number of other independent shops.
According to Børsen, there are currently around 1,000 users signed up to use the eKvittering system. The company acknowledges that customer caution over revealing their card numbers is an obstacle despite the efforts eKvittering has made to show its thorough security certification, but says that it expects the system to take off quickly once the concept becomes better known and more widespread.
*eKvittering translates to "eReceipt" in English – Ed.
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