Danish software prevents energy waste from inactive IT equipment  

A power management module from CapaSystems can help prevent significant energy loss from computers and screens inadvertently left on after working hours
A workplace study from the United Kingdom has revealed that on average, 30% of computers are left switched on after working hours. This adds up to a lot of wasted energy, which could be saved by using a Danish developed power management module, writes Green IT.
A typical stationary computer with screen uses about 0.105 kW of power. If it is left switched on from 17:00 until 09:00 the following morning – 16 hours – the amount of energy wasted is around 2 kWh. Scaling this up, a company operating 225 days a year with 1,000 PCs of which 30% are left on overnight will waste around 110,000 kWh. That is enough energy to boil water for over 1,500,000 cups of coffee.
Mass-training employees out of their forgetfulness is, most would probably agree, unrealistic. A far more practical solution is a power management module that is programmed to check every computer according to a defined timetable, and thereby identify and close down any inactive PCs that have been left switched on after hours.
Such a module has been developed by the Danish software developer CapaSystems. The Power Management module is designed to switch off PCs only if they have remained inactive for a pre-determined number of minutes, at the same time ensuring that data is not lost in the process.
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